Robotics And Beyond...
      We are building the future, literally.

Who we are...
  We are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit science and engineering education organization co-founded in 2003 by Michael Morrissey and Paul Chayka both of whom share a passion for encouraging and supporting the next generation of technologists, scientists, and creative thinkers.
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What we do . . .
  Our mission is to introduce, capture, and retain the interest of elementary through high school-aged children in the STEM and Design fields. We do this by providing products and services that offer practical, hands-on, real-world projects that, too often, are not available in school or at home due to budgets and limited instructor, curricular, and material resources. It is the goal of Robotics And Beyond... to enhance and supplement these limited resources and go far beyond by truly connecting our young people with the talents and potential they possess.
How we do it. . .
  While a student might memorize theorems and equations or hear about programming languages, there is too little or no opportunity in a traditional classroom setting to "learn by doing." We encourage hands-on experimentation and provide the necessary opportunity, environment, guidance and tools. We do not rely on building instructions or "step-by-step" programming guides, but offer products and services with effective introductions, challenging projects, ample equipment, industry experience and the opportunity for students to create, design, develop, implement and test their own ideas.

Our flagship Summer Camps capture children's interest with programs such as computer science, electronics, mechanical engineering and functional aesthetic design. We retain interest by adapting to student's evolving needs and by providing mentoring opportunities, internships, career awareness and education-path guidance in the fields of science and engineering.

Since our first summer camp in 2004, students have built and programmed vehicles using various methods of navigation, have worked with an image processing system to recognize shapes and colors, built board-level robotics systems, explored unknown terrain using data-logging remote sensors and constructed free-standing structures made of a variety of materials, just to name a few projects. Visits and presentations by industry professionals from large and small firms in fields of design, chemistry, aerospace, electronics and other fields have introduced our students to career paths in science and engineering fields. Our former students return as mentors and guest speakers, share their college and work experiences and thus continue their relationships with younger students and serve as role models. We create many Peer Mentor opportunities for our students thereby providing invaluable experience in both teaching and learning. Area FIRST Robotics teams introduce our students to those programs and competitions, recruit new members, and inspire the creation of new teams. We provide a path for area professionals to volunteer and contribute their skills and insight in various fields, and promote interest in the students.
Why is this so important?
  Consider that computer science is at the heart of all the gadgets and technology we use on a daily basis regardless of age, race, religion, socio-economics, ability, etc. However, mandatory, compulsory, core computer science, technology and engineering instruction is almost non-existent in curricula across the US. Here is a short list of recent articles and papers concerning the need for improved and greater computer science education for K-12 students:

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   Running On Empty:The Failure to Teach K-12 Computer Science in the Digital Age

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