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Program:  Open Studio / Minecraft Skills
When:       This program is not currently scheduled but can be offered upon request.
Where:      New Milford, CT
Ages:        5-18
Cost:         $14.00

Please Note: For Thursday April 17, Open Studio and Workshop time has been shortened to noon to 6pm instead of 9am-6pm.

Looking for something fun to keep your kids busy on a weekend, when school lets out early, or is closed for a holiday, professional development, exam week, parent-teacher conferences or end of school year? We've got just the thing. Students can hang out at Robotics And Beyond and choose one of our projects or bring one of their own. Project examples are given below.

When Minecraft Skills help is offered during Open Studio time, we have very experienced Middle and High School students available who will teach how to find, download and use Minecraft Mods and help with any other Minecraft questions like Redstone or the most basic skills. This is also a first step toward learning how to write your own mods in our Minecraft programming classes.

When basic NXT Robotics is offered, students will learn to build and program robots and use sensors.

When Soldering is offered, students will learn basic technique to solder devices like resistors and capacitors to circuit boards, and will complete a circuit with a blinking LED light to take home.

Open Studio is by appointment so we know what help will be needed. Last-minute attendance is usually available with a phone call to 860-799-5200. We encourage students to bring a laptop so they can take their progress home. We do have desktop computers and Minecraft accounts when needed at no extra cost but this must be pre-arranged.

The cost is $14/hr. and there is a 2 hour minimum stay. Payment cannot be made on-line and so must be made on the day of attendance.

We are flexible on the start-stop times and can often accommodate pickup after 5PM if needed. E-mail us at to schedule your time, or if you have any questions. Note that not all schools have the same days of early dismissal schedule.

A few typical Open Studio topics to choose from:

1) Introduction to Robotics: Learn how to build and program with the Lego-based robotics system, including motors, sensors, gears and other interesting parts.
2) Robotics and Circuitboard Electronics: Graduate to circuit board electronics and text-based programming using our large supply of Parallax and Arduino components, with lots of project ideas and step-by-step guides.
3) Open Studio "Take It or Leave It" - Bring your own project, get help, use our materials if needed, and take it all home with you. Or use one of our project ideas and leave the results here or take it with you.(*)
4) Programming - Develop your programming skills in C++, BasicStamp, Java, Lego NXT or other languages using our computers or your own. We'll help all we can and have reference books and some on-call staff expertise to offer as well. Let us know ahead which language you want to work on.
5) Minecraft Mod downloading and programming: get help with your Minecraft projects and programming of Mods with the help of our student Mentors and instructors when we have Minecraft Workshops scheduled for Open Studio time, or let us know that you'd like this help on a particular day and we will try to have the right help on hand.
6) Advanced Projects: Use our equipment and experience to help you through projects for science fair competitions, Maker Faires and other events. We have experience in all areas of science and engineering, and a large number of other professionals available for occasional mentoring or advice.
7) Soldering and electronics: beginner to advanced. (*)Material fees may apply and would be added to the class cost.
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