Program:  Software Engineering Lab
When:       This program is not currently scheduled but can be offered upon request.
Where:      New Milford, CT
Ages:        10-18
Cost:         $300.00

We have developed a program called the Software Engineering Lab (SEL). The SEL is designed to give students an opportunity to be a part of a full-scale software development project, learning about every aspect involved. More details are below. To apply for the program, send an email to and include "SEL interest" in the subject line. Include a few sentences of why you want to participate and what experience you have in any of the areas described below. We will reply within 2-3 days.

Anticipated timing is Fridays, 4-6pm, expected start date Feb. 21 and running through June, for 18-20 weeks total; Cost $320. Limited to 10 students. Age range 10 to 18 or by permission. Prior experience is not required but will be very helpful, such as: some knowledge of any of the programming languages listed below, or of Java, or some experience using website on-line resources for creating websites. All members of the first SEL program will be allowed into this new phase. As with all Robotics And Beyond programs, financial aid can be requested and will be provided based on the resources available.

In 2012 and 2013, Robotics And Beyond conducted a class where students designed and created a website for community organizations to store and access their historical archives of photos, commentaries and documents. Working with industry professionals, students learned fundamentals of PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS and SQL and how these relate to each other to enable a complete and functional website with user interface and "back-end" functions. This approach is very effective for learning fundamentals of website design and programming skills that are completely career-relevant.

In this second phase of the project, to last until late June, students will talk with members of several local organizations to explain the website capabilities and learn the organization's needs (client meetings), draft specifications, work on preliminary designs, create, test and troubleshoot new website code, and document their process. There will be opportunities for at-home work so students can reinforce their knowledge and continue progress between classes. The SEL includes all aspects of a real world software development project.

Upon completion, the project will be accessible by the general public. Students will be given credit as a member of the project development team.

Below, ignore the instruction "Scroll to the top of the page to register!" because you must first send a note of interest as described in the first paragraph above.
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